Psychology 1001 – Exam Aid Instructor – Memorial University

Psychology 1001 – Exam Aid Instructor

Students Offering Support (SOS) is a National Charity that develops and supports Chapters in universities across North America. The SOS model, Raising Marks, Raising Money, Raising Roofs, provides a service within which people place genuine value, and is unlike any other organization. Students Offering Support is a unique social enterprise that relies on the passionate student leaders to create positive impact both at home and abroad. Regardless of position, all Students Offering Support volunteers must thoroughly understand, communicate, and embody SOS’ 360 degree model of volunteering.

Role Description:

As an Exam Aid Instructor, you are responsible for reviewing the course material covered in
class to students attending your Exam Aid session. You will be developing your
presentation skills by explaining the main concepts covered in lecture, reviewing key
themes, and answering questions. You will ensure students leave the session having
thoroughly understanding of the content through your interactive, engaging presentation.


❖ Create your own, original presentation based on the material that is provided to you
by the Course Coordinator (If given a previously used package/session, ensure to tailor the package to
your presentation style)

❖ Work with the Course Coordinator in creating Exam Aid materials: Assist the Course Coordinator in compiling Take Home packages for students, ensure Outreach Trip details are included in each Take Home package, ensure all materials are your own generated content, not violating the SOS
Copyright Tip Sheet or your University’s Academic Integrity policies;

❖ Set up a 1-on-1 meeting with the professor(s) of the course to ensure they are aware
of the SOS model – in hopes of engaging professors in the SOS community;

❖ Understand and be able to articulate all aspects of the SOS Model: Raising Marks.
Raising Money. Raising Roofs.;

❖ Attend all meetings and orientation held by the Department of Educational

Desired Skills and Experience:

The ideal candidate will:

❖ have taken the course at MUN

❖ have received a letter grade of “A” or higher in the course

❖ while not required, previous tutoring, lecturing, or teaching experience is an asset

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Last modified: October 2, 2018

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